Useful website resources
This page lists a number of websites that have been found to contain useful information related to RYA courses plus general sailing and boating topics. Quite an eclectic mix of things I have found useful over the past few years. If any of the links no longer work I would appreciate an email with the name of the broken link as I find websites with broken link quite annoying! Equally I can take no credit or responsibility for the content on any of the links other than saying that I have used them at one time or another.
Resource Address
Online DSC radio simulator - practice using DSC features of the vhf radio
Sailtrain navigation tutorials
Pleasure vessel regulations
RYA safety information
Radar plotting animated tutorial
Diesel engine notes from Tony Brooks training
Knots - animations of how tie nautical knots
Meteorology videos from the Weather School
Live Marine weather information from Met Office
Easytide tidal predictions from UKHO

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