RYA Radar Course

The aim of this course is to teach students to use small boat radar to assist decision making in collision avoidance, pilotage and navigation.
  • Radar theory
  • Components of a radar set
  • Beam with and pulse length
  • Understanding the picture
  • Refining the picture:
  • Clutter controls
  • Head Up, Course Up and North Up modes
  • Passive reflectors
  • Active reflectors
  • Fixing position by radar:
  • Pilotage by radar:
  • The principles of relative motion
  • The existence of automatic radar plotting aids
  • The implications of IRPCS Rules
  • The practical limitations of small craft radar
  • Radar plotting

Course Requirements

Some knowledge of navigation and
collision regulations to Day Skipper Shorebased level would be an advantage.

The course runs from 0900 to 1730 and includes tea, coffee and biscuits.
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